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In other words, no matter their location, they can connect to the organization and work productively. Everyone else sees you but you don’t have to look at yourself. Now you can focus more deeply on the conversation and the people speaking. We have found that this simple shift is a gamechanger for most people. To date, our evidence suggests that physical meetings may only be better suited for social connections.

Remote Meeting

The leader prompts players with single-word topics related to the list. Is a home office your new normal, whether entirely or partially? If your answer is yes, then, like us, you work on a distributed or remote team. Getting a grasp of some of the challenges your remote team is facing helps you make adjustments to your meeting calendar that will have the greatest impact. Alignment Get your people in the same mindset with OKR goals and 1-on-1 meetings.

Additionally, it can be in the form of the employees voicing their opinions on a matter. By sticking to such etiquettes, you can run meetings remotely and effectively. With each additional member you add to the virtual room, productivity and communication. As an upper limit, five is the Ferrazzi Number for virtual discussions. Smaller groups are ideal to create the psychological safety needed for complete and fluid conversation and extraction of everyone’s point of view. You need to be sure there is time for each voice to be heard, particularly given the propensity of introverts to allow extroverts to dominate.

A. What you should do before your remote meeting

Furthermore, indicate the responsibility attached to each derivable. Hackathons provide team members with time to collaborate on a project. That’s why it takes longer as teammates to offer resources or teach others how to use them. But you can make this method systematic with a practice called Sweet and Sour. Ask everyone before the meeting begins to share something sweet and something sour in their lives. The sweet you share could be something simple, like an achievement by a child or anticipating a friend’s visit from out of town.

Similar to charades, this game involves one player guessing a word letter by letter while everyone else tries to prevent the hangman from being drawn. Make sure you pick a virtual event platform with an interactive whiteboard, like Remo, to make it a lot more fun. A face-to-face conversation is critical in establishing rapport and good teamwork.

Remote Meeting

Having a sharp plan when approaching a meeting will make it far more effective. Instead of using a list of talking points, consider writing a list of questions that need to be answered. If there is nothing to be answered on a topic, you may not need to bring it up.

Sharing GIFs

You can host a talent showcase that lets your attendees become stars of the virtual meeting. Employees can perform a skit, sing a song, or demonstrate a talent. Encourage team members to choose their most incredible talent to showcase. Bizarre and unexpected talents make for an especially fun event. To do the showcase during an online meeting, spotlight each performer accordingly.

  • Some companies with lots of meetings have even experimented with “No Meeting Fridays” where one day during the week, no one schedules any meetings.
  • By sticking to such etiquettes, you can run meetings remotely and effectively.
  • Leaving your mic on and eating, for instance, while someone is talking probably isn’t a good idea.
  • Participating in a remote meeting is very different from attending a face-to-face meeting.
  • Generally, these are shared with your attendees before the session.
  • Try having everyone turn off other notifications and ask them to silence their phones to cut down on distractions.

Allocate 5-10 minutes to each stakeholder as they update the other team members on their progress towards the team’s objective. Are essential in ensuring everyone is on board with achieving the team’s objective. They also act as a check-in to share the progress, setbacks, or updates on the progress of the goals. In the post-COVID-19 era, modern business employees are demanding to work remotely. This demand is because remote work allows workers to work from anywhere worldwide.

Fun Online Games for Remote Team Meetings

If you need 20 people in a virtual conference room, you’ll want to invest in something that can handle it without hiccups. Whether it’s weekly check-ins or monthly planning meetings, your staff will occasionally need to get together. When that time comes, the right technology can make it a much better experience. Like Kissflow streamlines projects, processes, tasks, communication, and collaboration. Since the entire team uses the same unified platform to manage all of their work, it makes scheduling and organizing meetings incredibly easy. While hosting a remote meeting may seem harder than hosting in-person meetings, it doesn’t have to be the case.

Remote Meeting

And if they do, the conversation will quickly turn to ‘what breed of cat have you got? Unmuted people are distracting and can derail a remote meeting. Ensure that your remote meeting isn’t a waste of time by clearly establishing the next steps and sharing outcomes with the team. Organizing and executing a successful remote meeting involves more moving parts and considerations than your classic in-person meeting. The organizer will need to assess and account for technical requirements, coordinate speakers, an agenda, and the platform they’ll use to manage the call.

Having a plan for any team meeting is a must, regardless of how it is delivered. An agenda is simply a structured how to run a successful remote meeting run-down of what needs to be discussed. Generally, these are shared with your attendees before the session.


If you want your business to grow, leave some time at the end of every online meeting to listen to your employees’ ideas about how things should work. Sharing GIFs is a virtual meeting game that helps your teammates express thoughts and feelings. In this activity, your teammates share the GIFs that best illustrate their spirit, feeling, or mood during the meeting. Players can also choose GIFs to express their feelings about how their day or week is going. Before starting, you can specify that the GIFs should be work appropriate.

Give everyone five minutes to share their thoughts on the meeting topic or insights they might have on how the project is going. Ideally, the jobs you give team members during a meeting will be interactive, ongoing, and straightforward. They’ll require people to contribute in real-time and interact with other team members. They’ll also require people to keep engaging for the duration of the meeting so they don’t mentally check out.

Remote Meeting

You can use them during meetings to share presentations and reports with your team. You can even use these platforms to store backups of important files. This way, you’ll never lose access to essential files as they’re saved on the cloud. However, in a remote work setting, it’s hard to know what your employees are currently working on, and keeping track of all of your team’s tasks can be confusing. Send messages asking for updates around a week after the meeting.

The best time to hold a remote meeting is when your employees’ work schedules overlap. If that doesn’t work, go with a time that suits the majority of your team. However, this means that all your employees live across different time zones — something you should consider when scheduling a remote meeting.

Four tools that make remote meetings more productive

The enhanced communication is due to observable facial cues that increase the virtual connection while discussing any points. Hybrid meetings are discussions attended by both remote workers and in-person participants. It aims to synchronize the overall objectives of the organization. Remember, these https://globalcloudteam.com/s are also helpful with customers, business partners, or clients located worldwide. A remote meeting is a session between individuals located in different locations and using web conferencing tools to connect. Hiding self-view in a short break-out session with three people can be a powerful forum for ideas.

Pros and Cons of Facilitating Meetings Remotely

Make time to organize your thoughts and send invitees the agenda for the meeting so they can prepare themselves as well. Cross-team collaborative meetings are for two or more teams to sync on projects or mutual goals. These meetings should have prepared talking points and agendas sent to the team ahead of time and should allow plenty of time for questions from each team.

Ask someone in the session to help track meeting minutes and meeting notes if you need a hand. This will help your team build the same meaningful connections that would burgeon naturally during in-person meetings. It goes without saying that you need to prepare ahead of any meeting you’re leading, and remote meetings are no different. Before logging on to your discussions, prep yourself with some (or all!) of these best practices.

VoIP calls and video conference

Only 20% of team members believe their teams are reaching their full potential. Chrome Extension Schedule meetings directly from your Google, Yahoo, or Outlook Calendars, with the RemotePC Meeting Scheduler Chrome extension. Meeting link is sent via a calendar invitation, allowing attendees to join meetings with a single-click.

For example, running a hybrid meeting is likely to disrupt, especially during participation time. Disruptions can be in the form of a talk-over between two or more attendees. Thus, write up a meeting agenda outlining what it will cover and how long each topic/point will take. Here, encourage the participants to air all their ideas within the given period while jotting them down in an accessible view area. Later, you can eliminate any ideas that seem unviable momentarily from the list. That’s why it is essential to intentionally make the meeting less than 30 minutes.

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